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Football Sponsorship


Heanens proudly sponsor a local football team, Lokomotiv Londres.Loko Banner

The club was founded in 1990 and used to combine the staff of French Railways and Gites de France, a French tour operator, both based in Piccadilly and the club used to go under the

name of French Railways. In 1995, the club was renamed Lokomotiv Londres FC once French Railways subsidies were withdrawn.

Lokomotiv Londres FC used to play in the Barnesalona League in South West London but have since joined the Chessington & District Leauge and our home pitch is at Churchfields in Chessington.

You can follow their progress each week throughout the season below…….


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Match Report: Loko vs Chessington Galaxy

Bad Ref, 3 Pens & An Angry Midfielder

Groundhog Day!

“Bad decisions effect the taste of your beer”

For anyone reading these match reports over the last three weeks who hasn’t actually watched one of the games you can be forgiven for thinking I’m making this up or just copying each match report to save time.

Luke wins untold headers

James T runs the defenders ragged

Luke scores

James scores

Lee don’t stop running

Scott and Neil don’t stop clearing balls

Dave F scores a Banger…. Maybe that’s going a bit too far :)

But week after week we battle, we score, They Score, bad ref decision, they equalize in the dying minutes !

The game started well for Loko, after just five minutes Luke battled hard on the right and played in James who’s clever shot found the back of the net 1-0

Within minutes it was clear Galaxy were suffering not having the Ginger brothers playing together . They opted to go long on nearly every occasion . This paid off when there pacey number 11 was played in over the top to go one on one with Colin and he slotted the ball to one side into the net 1-1

We dominated midfield today Gary comfortably heading his way through his first 90 mins this season and although the pitch was tacky and cut up we passed the ball around with more confidence. In form Lee, was angry today! Left, right, forward, back he never stopped . Hayden linked down the left from Scott to James and a cross from Hayden played Luke in but his shot was wide of goal. Danny and Dave were combining well and forward to James who’s tireless hassling of the defenders gives us a lot of corners per game. They have paid off over recent weeks and today being Groundhog Day they did again. With the wind swirling Matt put in a delicious ball that curled towards the back post, hit it, and went in! 2-1

Galaxy’s response was to go long again but as their striker went through towards goal Neil was in pursuit and a strong tackle led to the first penalty of the day. Their captain went left, with success. 2-2

Half Time

Debutante Mason come on and immediately got stuck in. Some strong challenges and good runs mean The rest of the season is looking good for our new signing. A long ball on the right to James and some trickery put him through with the keeper, but his shot was saved and held by their eccentric keeper . As Loko pushed for a goal, a pulled back ball, from the byline struck a galaxy defenders hand and a penalty 2 was given.

The captain, Matt, stepped up and finished comfortably. 3-2

This game was all about quick responses and Galaxy done this. From a Loko throw down the left they nicked the ball back, put in a cross for there number 8, who finished well. 3-3

Loko knew we have been better than this team and still not won in the last two meetings so we pushed for the winner. Tony come on for Dave and slotted into defence as Scot pushed up. Luke rolled back the years as he outrun their right back to go through on goal but slotted the ball wide. He got his second chance minutes later as he run towards their center back and turned him, and lobbed the out coming keeper into the net. 4-3

We needed to shut up shop for a win, so reverted to four at the back with Gary dropping to center back alongside Neil to sure things up. This was working as we approached 90 minutes. They attacked our area and a wayward shot hit a curling up Danny on the arm as he tried to jump out the way! The ref blew the whistle for handball thinking the incident was outside the box, but as he got closer he realized the non-handball was actually inside the area so then mumbled the words Penalty.     OUT-FRIGGING-RAGEOUS!!!!

Colin stood no chance as the penalty was dispatched very well. 4-4

There was a final chance for Tony as he volleyed a loose ball quite spectacularly in there box but their keeper saved.

Final Whistle!!!!

A draw feels like a loss these days!!

Weekly 3 Questions:

Did We Deserve To Win Today? Yes ( Again )

Did we put it in today ? Yes ( Again )

Man of The Match?

Danny, James, Lee & Luke all could of picked up the award today however, with 2 goals and some lovely passing today as well as sacrificing himself as a sub, today’s award goes to the skipper Matt F!

Quote of the week:

” The first 90 minutes of the match are the most important ”


Match Report: Loko v AFC Surbiton

Fog, 3 Bangers & A Draw

Q. When does a draw feel like a loss?
A. When its in the 90th Minute

To some extent I could of just cut and pasted the last 2 weeks match reports to save time this week. Same old story on the outside, but closer analysis of the game showed an underlying difference this week .
 Injuries and unavailable players made team selection very easy this week! With only 11 players available including our two goalkeepers and a 50% fit Gary, today was always gonna be a hard fight! Switching round positions and keeping faith with formation was going to be key today.
Halloween weekend brought the fog to the game with damp conditions making a nice sliding pitch. A good start was imperative today and sure enough Loko got this. We pressed and hurried the opposition from kick off! Luke’s head was like a magnet to the ball, every throw inn, free kick and most goal kicks were won by him. James being James, was a constant pain in the backside for the opposition, running of Luke’s headers and outpacing defender after defender with it.
The pressing paid off after 20 minutes as Hayden pushed their Right winger into losing the ball and passed crossed field to Dave F who hit a shot from way outside the box. As he hit it, Gary had already turned his back towards our goal calling for people to get back in positions,turn and face, as we all assumed row Z was calling, however, he hit it so sweetly it almost unpinned the back of the net he had earlier, so proudly, put up himself.
Banger number 1!
1-0 ( ronaldo-esk fantastic Goal! )
A buoyant Loko pressed still for more as we sensed and knew we were better than this team. Danny, today playing on the right wing was as solid as previous weeks with even more attacking presence, this led to him going through one on one with the keeper who spread himself and saved the shot. A goalkeeper at left back may seem risky but Tony put in a full shift using his goalkeeping kicks to clear danger. Scott was settled at centre back calling the line to good effect. Neil at right back, barked orders and swept up danger with clearances and menacing runs into midfield and beyond. Colin was dominant in goal, punching from corners and punting the ball so high above the foggy clouds you had no idea when or where it was coming down.
Midfield, although different this week was doing its Job. Matt sprayed impressive balls out wide, both sides, to set up attacks, whilst Hayden hastled and Headed his way through the half with Gary obliging to his given Makalele role, sitting, Paroling and heading in front of the back four.

Half Time 1-0

The second half came with a warning as standard, for Loko! Pace, pressure and persistence was to be maintained. This seemed to be the case for the first ten minutes as we continued where we left of at the end of the second half. Luke was so strong in the air winning absolutely everything attacking and defending. Unfortunately on the hour mark, a high ball forward from Surbiton was allowed to bounce just outside our area and their number 23, their best player by far, smacked the ball straight over Colin into the roof of the net! Banger No.2!
Gary trying literally, to fill his brothers smaller boots was left injured when stamped on his foot. This led to him being temporarily sidelined and Loko down to 10. With Surbiton a player up and the wind in their sails an expected onslaught seemed imminent. But it never materialised? Instead Loko went forward. Dave pushed on down the left combining with James and Luke with all three providing balls in the box. Pressure led to five corners in five minutes for Loko! Matt, left footed, swang 4 out the 5 right into the danger zone with missed chances a plenty from Loko! The final corner, just like every high ball today, was met by Our number 5 heading machine. Luke out jumping everyone to head home , Boof!
10 minutes to go and Gary back on, we sat deeper hoping our luck had changed and a win seemed imminent. Surbiton pressed with long balls into the area and some heart in the mouth defending moments and good saves from Colin took us to 90 minutes. A final defensive clearance to Luke in midfield who’s volley away hit Hayden and rebounded straight into the path of their No.23 who once again hit the ball from outside the area and straight postage stamp shot, boom! Banger 3.
2-2 ( Superb Strike! )
Final Whistle! #Gutted
Weekly 3 Questions:
1. Did we deserve to win?  Yes ( Again )
2. Did we put it in today?  Yes ( Again )
3. Man of the Match?
 Once again everyone was Solid and a special mention needs to be made ( although we will never mention this again ) in recognition of Dave’s Great Goal! We all thought there was more chance of a P45 being found in his locker than that. However Luke’s presence cannot be overlooked, continued strength and a threat in every role he was asked to play in, so this weeks award goes to Luke.
Football Quote Of The Week
The louder you shout the more you get
.Matt Fanthom 2015

Match Report: Galaxy v Loko

Bad Ref, Bad Luck & Extra Time – 

The Glamour Of The Cup

“We Lost Because We Didn’t Win” . Ronaldo 1998

Today’s First Round Cup game brought many challenges. With Ash, Little Matt, Scott and Ishmail all not available, although talented, the squad looked a little thin!
This forced Gary into taking the decision of starting for the first time this season. This could of went badly wrong. It was however quite inspiring the see the assistant skipper back to his old self winning headers and shouting instructions on the pitch instead of the sidelines.
The inclined pitch definitely gives an advantage to the team facing down and this was Loko for the first half. Sure enough we took advantage of this! After just five minutes, a mammoth kick from Tony, left Galaxy’s defenders scared to head clear with James T capitalizing running through and slotting nicely past the keeper to open the scoring! 0-1
Loko were pressing and forcing mistakes from the opposition. A charging out keeper was made to look stupid as James T went around him near the far left corner and floated a perfect ball across the face of the goal to meet the head of Lee who saw his header clip the outside of the post. Loko were now dominant and again this paid off after just ten minutes. Lee made sure this time finishing well to double the lead. 0-2.
Maybe at 2-0 up in the cup, you should shut up shop and park the bus to see the win out? But we are not managed by Mourinho, and Loko sensed goals and revenge from the previous 0-0 draw, that we all clearly thought should of been a win. With this In mind confidence was high, triangle passes with Gary, Hayden and Mark R were coming off on the left as Loko passed their way out. A perfect ball in from the right from Dave F met an awaiting James T who finished extremely well only to look up and see a flag from the “unbiased” linesman. At 2-0 up and a flag waving the chances of the ref overruling the decision were absolutely zero.
This all seemed too easy and Matt was constantly reminding us that this is not over with only 15 minutes on the clock done!
Sure enough complacency crept in and on 20 minutes their Superstar, Ginger Ninja, walloped home a shot from just outside the box giving Tony no chance as the back of the net rippled!
Galaxy started to threaten with some seriously long throw ins and pinball being played a couple of times in our own area with good runs on both wings with pace, but they lacked that final ball, until the half hour mark when a cross from Lokos right hand side met galaxy’s pacey right winger who helped the ball into the net. 2-2
Gary went off for Miguel, like for like position wise. Miguel got stuck in early doors re-vitalizing Loko. Yet another ball won in the air from the towering Luke, played James in via the hand of a Galaxy player. A strong shout led to nothing as the Ref claimed ” I wasn’t in the right position ” ( not for the first time today! )
Some outstanding defending and ball carrying from Danny, kept Loko on level terms. Dave’s recent transformation from Phil Jones to David Beckham continued, with a delightful free kick into the danger zone that just skimmed the wet surface and out of play.

Half Time
A reminder that we now face a literal, uphill battle, to stay in this game second half from Matt got us up for it.
Let me make this clear, “Chessington Galaxy did not have a shot on goal throughout the second half” this was down to our steady defense. Neil was back, winning every header and throwing his body on the line and Danny oozing confidence on the ball whilst preventing Galaxy coming at Us. Marks superb “professional foul ” prevented the ninja carving us open, but had the consequence of a booking. Loko pressed, and pressed hard. Hayden linking mark and James on the left with James providing some lovely balls in towards Luke and Lee and Dave linking Danny and the switching James on the right again turning provider for Luke and Lee. Chances were plentifully but not always the easiest. Luke had a couple of headers, Lee and James a couple of shots and Dave a close headed effort just wide.
If drug testing was enforced at Sunday League games then Lee would need testing regularly! His stamina, ability and effort are unquestionable. A Loko attack on the left led to a shot on goal that had beaten the keeper and span backwards on the goal line! Was it over? The Ref probably couldn’t see it anyway? With extra time looming Loko pushed, but unluckily to no avail!

Extra Time 2 – 2
Vets we are not ( just yet ) but with 30 mins of extra time looming was our fitness gonna hold out?
A bad start to extra time led to a pass from the Loko left to an oncoming Galaxy player to slot past Tony. 3-2. Mark off and Gary back on, Miguel comfortably went to left back. Galaxy sat back and absorbed pressure from Loko right to the end. A delightful Matt F free kick right at the end, round the back of the defenders connected with Hayden’s Lunge at it, but it went wide of goal!
A WWE style challenge from Neil at the death lead to handbags at dawn with their No.23 who has previous with us! But Galaxy’s comeback was complete.Three Shots, Three Goals and loads of long throws from Galaxy, was just enough for our exit from the cup at this early stage.

Extra Time Done 3-2
Weekly 3 Questions:
1. Did we deserve to win?  Yes
2. Did we put it in today?  Yes
3. Man of the Match?
 Once again not a bad performance from anyone, all solid. Danny, Neil and James were all fantastic today however, Lee M was on a different level to others in so many ways. Fantastic energy and ability well deserved!
Football Quote Of The Week

” I was scouted to play for Loko ”    Dave F. 2015


Match Review: Loko vs Kingston Ravens

Sunday Chessington LeagueFootball Pitch
Division 3
Sun 18th Oct 2015
Loko 2 vs Kingston Ravens 3


The Beer tastes better after. M Fanthom 2015
Let’s get this out the way first. Last week hurt! To lose to a team that you are superior to is never easy to take . We just collectively weren’t good enough. With this in mind the thought of playing top of the league Kingston Ravens, this week, should have had us worried? Did it heck!
From the moment we switched on for the warm-up, spirits were up, adrenaline flowing and revisits of last week’s performance from Matt & Gary’s talk had everyone believing we are as good, if not better than any other team in this league.
Straight from kick of Loko wanted this. A revived look of passing, possession and winning balls in the air. From the back to the midfield and on to our two forwards it was clear to see we wanted this and Tony was in no mood to be letting goals in with some great saves and huge kicks, which sre enough paid off after 5 minutes.James T ran onto one and took it past two players and around the charging-out keeper, with a nice cut back inside and low shot into the goal.
This was cancelled out 5 minutes later following a defensive mix-up that let the Ravens in for an easy tap in to level up the score 1-1. This is when Loko heads usually go down , but not today!
Lee increasingly was influencing the game going on great runs and taking on players including going through three players on the left and pushing a ball square to Hayden whose low shot was wide of the goal.
Dave F had clearly had his Weetabix that morning, as he was a constant threat with great crosses, corners and free kicks being put in the danger areas. This paid off when a corner from the right was swung in low to Luke who guided the cross into the back of the net from the front post via some defenders.
 2-1 up and shots still coming from James T, Ash, Dave F, Luke and Matt. A pinpoint ball from the skipper Matt, to James who crossed, created a goalmouth scramble that their keeper luckily collected. Ash was a constant threat up top last week, this week he fought and battled hard and well, a little deeper, to become provider for the front two.The defence was strong with offside traps being called right from Mark, clearances from Scott including a full heroic body on the line slide to prevent their striker increasing their lead, and runs and headers from Danny consolidating the defensive performance.
Unfortunately just before half time their no.10, who was by far their best player, made a little space and fired in a rocket from outside the box! 2-2 (Great Goal )
Half Time
When Gaffer Gary is positive with the half time talk, you know we’ve played well!
Second half started well with Luke holding the ball up and playing James through whose pace scared the opposition.
Around the 70 minute mark a double header from the Ravens resulted in a suspect offside goal being conceded, no flag, so the goal stood. 2-3.
This hurt, but Loko continued to push for an equaliser. This inevitably led to continuous dangerous counter attacks from the opposition with Mark heading clear and Scott working overtime to keep them out; Colin obliged by pushing shots wide of goal.Luke continued to win every ball from countless throw-ins with James running off them and turning provider with some great balls into the box, one of which found a confident Dave in the box and a clever finish saw the ball in the net. Looking up to celebrate he realised the flag was up for offside.
Dave came off for Ismail who slotted into right back solidly, never looking vulnerable whilst Danny ran the wing.
Then it happened………
The return of Sicknote on 80 mins. Gary on for Matt. Corner from Ravens, ball out of play, Gary off for Matt! 81 mins.
Hayden off for Dave and continued pressure with a good shot from Lee palmed away and a shout for a penalty from James right at the death, but it wasn’t to be Loko’s day.
Lokomotiv 2-3 Kingston Ravens
With Little Matt, Neil and Gary to return to action things could just be looking up!
Weekly Three Questions:
1. Did we deserve to win? No ( Draw fair )
2. Did we put it in today? Yes
3. Man Of The Match?
Some solid performances this week, everyone played their part, but Scott Bright gets M.O.M for his constant battling, ball winning (even if he did deliberately handball it twice) and threatening throw-ins.
Football Quote Of The Week
“Good players inspire themselves, Great players inspire others”


Luke scored four goals on his comeback

There’s something very exciting about moving to a new home ground – like a new beginning and a sense of adventure.

After being based in Chiswick for five seasons, today Loko moved into their new ground – Churchfields in Chessington. True, the changing rooms are in bad need of a health and safety inspection but the flat, freshly cut grass on our new pitch looked great in the Indian summer sunshine.

Facing us today was a newly formed team for whom this was going to be their baptism of fire, ie their first ever league game.

First impressions were good as Ashford seemed keen on playing a passing game. So did we but despite the cute one-touches and triangles, we were not clinical enough despite the return of our centre forward Luke, who seemed quite inhibited in the first few minutes, possibly because of previous injuries.

But as time went by, it became obvious that Loko were on top form with no weak link and the benefit of Neil marshalling his defence and Matt encouraging his fellow midfielders.

Loko broke the deadlock on 29 minute when a Matt freekick from 25 yards out hit the crossbar and rebounded off their goalkeeper’s backside into his own goal.

Loko 1 vs Ashford Rangers 0

Six minutes later, JAMES dribbled past two of their defenders and curled a delicious ball into the net from the edge of the box to make it 2-0.

Loko should have had a penalty when a Luke shot was handballed by their defender – a foul that was obvious for all to see except for the Specsavers ref.

Half time: Loko 2 vs Ashford Rangers 0

On 51 minutes,  LUKE shook off his marker on the right hand side of the pitch and fired a venomous, low shot into the far corner of the net to make it 3-0.

Five minutes later, one of their defenders handballed in the box and James took the penalty but his shot was easily saved by the keeper as he dived to his left.

This faux-pas seemed to re-invigorate Loko and LUKE, again, capitalised on a Lee cross and scored with a glancing header at the far post to get his hat trick and make it 4-0.

LUKE scored again on 70 minutes when his shot burst into the net off the crossbar, making it 5-0.

Loko were now hyper dominant whilst Ashford were visibly disheartened and probably realising that this promised to be a long, painful season. They were beginning to run out of steam whilst we were on fire – including DAVE F who scored number 7 with a splendid volley that flew over the keeper and into the net.

As we were nearing the end of the game, Ash passed the ball to LEE who scored the final Loko goal.

But as we were contemplating making it a cricket score, Ashford seemed to perk up and threatened Colin with a diagonal long distance shot but our goalie pulled off a magnificent save and palmed the shot over the bar.

This was going to be Loko’s first clean sheet for many many weeks except that Ashford thought differently as they pulled one back with a low shot from just inside the box.

Final score: Loko 8 vs Ashford Rangers 1.

Today Loko played excellent football as a team with great communication, concentration and commitment. Having said that, we don’t know what the other teams are like. Ashford Rangers proved weak opposition so let’s not get too complacent!

M.O.M: This has to be LUKE who celebrated his return with 4 great goals.

Dawn of a new era – New season is just around the corner

Happy Summer folks – next season is just around the corner. We have 3 friendlies lined up for August (Sat 15, Sunday 23 and 30 Aug) – more details soon.

Plus we are now moving to the Chessington Sunday League with our new homeground in Kingston or Thames Ditton. More details coming soon…

Match Report: Loko vs FC Junction

Pre-season friendly
Sun 5 July 2015
Loko 7 vs FC Junction 2


Today’s opponents were Central London Super Sunday League and Cup winners last season so the Loko were looking forward to this game with trepidation.
As many of the Loko regulars were unavailable, Roger summoned four players from his Saturday team so the team had a rather different look to it.
In the early stages of the game, it was clear that FC Junction were going to struggle against Loko who were passing the ball on the floor with determination and accuracy. Yet with only Olie upfront and gaps in our defensive midfield, Loko were always open to counterattacks. With Ivan still carrying a hamstring injury from the tournament and struggling for pace, captain Matt’s decision to play Scott in central defence was an inspired decision as the ex Farnborough semi pro and all-rounder was sensational at the back and nipping all signs of danger in the bud with Hayden’s excellent support in an unusual right back role.
Against the run of play, FC Junction scored when Dave’s mate Rob took a shot from just outside our box and beat Ismail at the near post on 17 minutes.
Loko 0 vs FC Junction 1
Six minutes later, following a foul on the edge of their box, Matt chipped the ball over their wall and hit the crossbar only for SCOTT to follow up and score with a header.
Loko 1 vs FC Junction 1
This was followed 7 minutes later by a through ball by midfielder Rowan who found OLIE, who beat the offside trap and scored at the near post from 15 yards out.
Loko 2 vs FC Junction 1
It was now all Loko and FC Junction found it hard to contain us – and it fell to Olie to wriggle past two defenders down the left wing and cross for DAVE who gave us more breathing space by tucking the ball in at the far post.
Loko 3 vs FC Junction 1
Was this now going to turn into a daytime massacre? Not quite as FC Junction pulled one back when a  freekick from the right curled into our goal and flew over Ismail and Scott who misread each other’s intention as the ball nestled in the roof of our net.
Half time: Loko 3 vs FC Junction 2
The second half was all Loko as the combination of our intricate game, accurate passing and substitutions resulted in us completely dominating the game despite the odd incursion often masterminded by their number 18, easily their best player.
On 52 minutes, ROB – who was now playing for the right team! – capitalised on yet another accurate pass from Rowan in the heart of their defence, went round their statuesque defenders and crucified their keeper at the near post from 8 yards out.
Loko 4 vs FC Junction 2
On 60 minutes, OLIE, again, outpaced their defenders and scored at the near post from 15 yards out.
Loko 5 vs FC Junction 2
ROB scored the 6th with a header before OLIE completed his hat trick by outfoxing their defenders, running across the box and rifling a hard shot from a tight angle into the far corner.
inal score: Loko 5 vs FC Junction 2
All in all, this was a very satisfying performance. Solid game by most of the regular Loko boys, excellent contribution from future signing Rob and Roger’s South-East London gang Rowan, Scott, Dave and Rodney.
Man of the Match: The award this week will have to be shared amongst 3 players: Olie (hat trick), Rob (lethal in front of the goal with  – and against – Loko) and Scott for his all round play.
Line-up: Ismail – Hayden, Scott, Ivan, Stefano – Rowan, Roger, Matt, Beni, Dave F – Olie
Various substitutions: Rodney, Dave, Rob


Match Report: Loko vs Cool Oak Rangers

Sportsman’s League,
Senior Amateur Division

Sun 3 May 2015
Loko 0 vs Cool Oak Rangers 5


With only a bare 11 making it to Riverside Lands today, including Matt who was carrying an injury, it was going to be a challenge finishing the season in style.

Plus, after just a few minutes, it was obvious that Cool Oak Rangers were going to keep us busy with their tall and fast players.

Rangers opened the score on 5 minutes when a cross from our right lodged itself in the roof of Ismail’s net taking everybody by surprise. This was followed by a second goal 13 minuets later when their number 12 fired a low shot into our net.

Not much to boast about our end with the exception of a great save by Ismail whilst Beni and Chris were working very hard in the middle of the pitch.

With 10 minutes to half time, their number 9 handled the ball in the middle of the park but the ref failed to see the foul and with the Loko players statuesque they made it 3-0 before the break.

Despite a few attempts our end it was obvious again that, without having natural goalscorers in our team scoring was going to be a Herculean task and we hardly ever threatened their goal.

On 70 minutes, they added a 4th from a corner as their big sub scored with the help of his…back.

Then, on 79 minutes, Mark twisted his knee badly and had to come off and Cool Oak Rangers made the most of their numerical advantage as they scored a 5th goal.

All in all, a fitting end to an unsuccessful season…

M.O.M: Beni who never gave up.

Line-up: Ismail – Chris, Ivan, Mark, Marcel -Miguel, Dave, Matt, Beni – Hakim, Tom

Match Report: Wilf Kroucher FC vs Loko

Sat 26 April 2015
Wilf Kroucher FC 2 vs Loko 2


Following last week’s heavy defeat at the hands of the “Real Madrid” of the Sportsman’s League, Loko welcomed three new players to the team in the shape of Lawrence and Stefano and new boy Miguel, yet another Gumtree recruit.

Despite Wilf Kroucher being announced as a very good team, Loko more than held their own right from the start, especially in midfield where the likes of Hayden, Lawrence, Dave and Miguel were exchanging neat little passes whilst Terry and Beni on the wings were creating danger.

On 18 minutes, Dave F carved the Kroucher defense open with a pass through the middle for TERRY who shook off his marker and scored from a very tight angle at the far post.

Wilf Kroucher 0 vs Loko 1

Loko were now in full stride and containing Kroucher who showed very little in the way of aerial threat with the exception of their gigantic number 4 whilst the main danger emanated from their number 7 who was twisting and turning in the middle of the park and spraying balls across the field, but to no avail.

However, on 29 minutes, as Marcel was under pressure on the left hand side of our defence, their winger ran onto a loose ball and pinged a cross into our box that evaded both Stefano and Ismail and found their number 8 who headed the ball into the back of our net from 4 yards out.

Half time: Wilf Kroucher 1 vs Loko 1

Shortly after the beginning of the second half, bespectacled new boy Louis came on and started causing trouble on the right wing with his pace and clever turns.

Loko now had the wind in their sails despite the odd incursion into our half. On 67 minutes, Neil went past a couple of players in his own half and floated a long pass down the rightr wing for Louis. The teenager controlled the ball and despatched a perfect cross for HAYDEN who was loitering with intent on the edge of their box and twisted his body as he received the cross and hit the back of the net off the far post.

Wilf Kroucher 1 vs Loko 2

Kroucher were visibly upset about this goal as they were now in the ascendancy and putting pressure on our midfield where gaps were appearing and trying to capitalise on any of our defensive errors and fouls. One of these fouls on the edge of our box saw their number 10 curve the resulting freekick over our wall and into the roof of the net past Ismail.

Wilf Kroucher 2 vs Loko 2

Loko were now fighting tooth and nail and repelling attack after attack, in particular Neil who was outstanding and Beni who was tackling like mad despite the harder than usual (3G) surface.

The railwaymen’s rearguard action looked like it was going to be undone from a corner kick on 90 minutes as their big number 4 jumped higher than Ivan and his header looked like it was going to find the back of the net only for Terry to spring like a jack in the box and save with a header on the line.

All in all, this was a very good Loko performance worth remembering for its quality passing and sheer determination throughout the team.

M.O.M: This week’s award goes to HAYDEN for his phenomenal work rate up and down the pitch.

Line-up: Ismail – Stefano (then Louis, 46′), Neil, Ivan, Marcel – Miguel (then Stefano, 70′), Hayden, Beni, Lawrence – Dave F (then Miguel, 80′), Terry.

Match Report: London St George vs Loko

Sportsman’s League,
Senior Amateur Division

Sun 19 April 2015
London St George 6 vs Loko 0


St George play excellent football. They thrashed us on three occasions this season but, with the return of several quality players, today’s game was our chance to show them that we are not as bad as they think.

St George were very motivated though as they needed to win by a big margin to keep Schelp FC at arm’s length and win the league in the next few weeks.

Loko held their own for a good 18 minutes though. True, it was one-way traffic with Loko unable to hang on to the ball and St George making pinpoint passes and showing no weakness but we still managed to frustrate them.

On 12 minutes, our goalie Ismail made the first of his many saves today as he flicked a hard shot over the bar.

On 18 minutes, their number 15, a winger who even Marcel, our fastest player, found very difficult to keep up with, scarpered down the right wing, crossed close to our goal and their number 12 opened the score by slamming the ball into the net at the far post.

Loko were desperately trying to build attacks from the midfield but found that St George were too young, too fit, too fast and too skilful for us. This is the type of game where Loko’s better players are made to look very ordinary.

On 29 minutes, as St George were possibly thinking that it wasn’t going to be that easy after all, we conceded a second goal when a shot from the edge of the box found its way in as it swerved past Ismail at the last second .

With the incessant bombardment and without Ismail’s saves including another great rescue mission as the ball whizzed past his right corner, it could have been 5-0 at half time but Loko were remarkably composed. Neil was trying to play the ball out of defence, Marcel was running himself into the ground and Beni and Terry were attempting to attack but most of their efforts were instantly nipped in the bud by our opponents’ ever vigilant defenders.

Half time: St George 2 vs Loko 0

Sadly, after such a resilient performance in the first half, Loko’s hopes came crashing down within 2 minutes. A punt from the midfield saw their number 14 outpace our defence and fire a shot from the edge of the box into the net past Ismail. To make matters worse, in the course of this attack, Gary fell to the ground with a bad injury and had to come off and be replaced by Ivan.

St George 3 vs Loko 0.

The fourth goal came 10 minutes later as their winger crossed but the ball hit Ivan in the stomach and was deflected into the narrow space between Ismail and his left post.

From then on, attacks after attacks ensued. Starting from their central defender who shows remarkable aerial power despite his small size to the midfield and forwards, St George were simply superb. They played with great flair and their short and long diagonal passing was equally sensational.

On 66 minutes, St George failed to score when one of their forwards missed the target as he found himself one on one with Ismail who saved over the bar. This was followed by a quickly taken corner and a header that Ismail, again, clipped over the bar.

At the other end, despite a few corners in our favour, we didn’t record a single shot on goal. Meanwhile, St George scored their fifth with a header from a corner kick as Terry tried to save with a header as the ball flew over Ismail’s head.

As frustration took hold of us, tempers became frayed, in particular Beni and Mark who had a go at the ref.

St George scored a 6th goal as their number 8 crucified Ismail with a shot into the roof of the net from the edge of the box.

Despite the heavy score, as the ref blew the final whistle, we didn’t seem to feel too dejected given that we had tried our best but it was evidently mission impossible on the day.

Before the team made their way back to the changing rooms, the player of the season award was revealed with Gary, Mark and Matt coming joint 3rd, Hayden second, and just like in 2014, player of the season went to Neil (pictured below) on account of his sheer determination, courage and incisive play throughout the season.

Man of the match: The football cliche “playing with a smile on their face” is quite apt in the case of ISMAIL who seemed to be enjoying his game more than any of the other players today. Our evergreen goalie showed great reflexes and possibly saved us from even worse annihilation. Well done Ismail.

Line-up: Ismail – Neil, Gary (then Ivan, 47′), Mark, Marcel – Beni, Terry, Matt, Dave K, Hayden – Dave F.

Match Report: Parthenope vs Loko

Sportsman’s League,
Senior Amateur Division

Sun 8 March 2015
Parthenope 1 vs Loko 4


At 8am this morning, things looked very rosy for Loko. We had a full squad (13 players) and, at long last, firepower with three proven goalscorers available to play.

Come 8:30am, things looked a bit more complicated with 2 of our forwards pulling out and one of our midfielders suddenly unavailable. Thus ensued a flurry of last minute calls to friends to make up the numbers.

Things got even better within a few minutes of kickoff on a great, dry surface that has served us well over the years and has seen us secure some great results.

On 2mns, Dom, our midfielder who used to play professional football at Peterborough made his mark with a very long throw in from the right hand side that found HAYDEN in the box who scored with a tap in at the front post from 1 yard out.

It is fair to say that this almost came as a shock to most of the team following a barren spell of 6 games and 540 minutes without scoring a goal!

The situation looked even more rosy when, on 18mns, Ollie played LIAM in from the middle of the park and the new boy confidently scored with a stunning goal in the roof of the net off the crossbar from inside the box.

Loko were fluent, didn’t panic and were repelling attack after attack. In the middle of the park Dom was trying to spray the ball long down the wings, Matt was showing his physical presence. Further up, Hayden was torturing his marker whilst Dave was playing wide and combining well with the rest of the midfield.

Up front Ollie was having a very good game, running rings round his markers and twisting and turning whilst Liam was playing with aplomb.

Parthenope were still dangerous though as evidenced by a shot that struck the woodwork on 32 minutes and another cross from the right hand side that was handballed by Ivan but the ref didn’t see it – yet another sign that maybe, just maybe, today was going to be Loko’s day.

Half time: Parthenope 0 vs Loko 2

Perhaps the Loko-men didn’t heed skipper Matt’s warning that the game wasn’t won yet. Indeed, on 49 minutes, Parthenope pulled one back when a cortner was cleared by the Loko defence but their gigantic number five was lurking in the box and slotted the ball past Ismail from 6 yards out.

Parthenope 1 vs Loko 2

Loko were now a bit more hesitant and lacking composure. Mark, who was having a good game, started getting frustrated in one particular instance when he miskicked the ball and blamed himself for eating too may hamburgers in the USA on his recent holiday (!).

But shortly after that Loko were solid again. On 57 minutes Ismail saved what looked like a sure goal by jumping like a youthful frog out of a pond and catching the ball at the far post. Our goalie repeated his feat 5 minutes later by saving a loose ball closer to the ground and saving Loko once more.

On 66 minutes, Liam crossed from the right and found HAYDEN at the near post who outjumped his marker and placed a powerful header to the left of the keeper and into the empty net.

Parthenope 1 vs Loko 3

Then on 76 mns Loko definitely put the game to bed when Ollie played the ball over the top from the left hand side and found DAVE F who scored with a half volley at the far post from a relatively tight angle.

Game, set and match – and what a lovely, sunny day it was too!

M.O.M: Ollie played very well on his own upfront but the award goes to HAYDEN who today played his best game for Loko ever – all energy, determination and two very well taken goals.

Line-up: Ismail – Neil, Gary, Ivan, Mark  – Dom, Matt, Liam, Dave F, Hayden – Ollie