Men Prefer Meat

The majority of men would rather give up booze, cancel their Sky Sports subscription and even give up sex rather than become a vegetarian, according to a recent study. 

Conducted by Peperami as part of National Vegetarian Week, the study of 1,000 men found that 62% of men would never even consider giving up meat.

According to the study, 70% of men have some form of meat with every single meal they eat, while 81% reckon they would be lost without meat in their diet.

Over a third of respondents would be happier to delete their Facebook profile than give up their meaty foods and snacks. Those threatening the ‘me or the meat’ ultimatum may lose out, as some men claimed they would rather break up with their wife or girlfriend, or even stop seeing their best friend or family before even considering cutting out meat.

Bizarrely enough, other things to feature on the list also include doing a naked streak through town, selling their car and giving up the internet.


25 things men would rather do than become vegetarian:
1. Delete their Facebook profileBBQ Burger
2. Give up chocolate
3. Shave their head
4. Give up social media
5. Give up cigarettes
6. Give up alcohol
7. Get a wax
8. Go skinny-dipping
9. Give up tea or coffeeHeart Shapped Ribeye
10. Stop going to the pub
11. Give up their Sky Sports subscription
12. Move out of the UK
13. Audition for The X-Factor
14. Give up their mobile phone
15. Give up television
16. Swim with sharks
17. Give up sex
18. Streak through townMinced Steak Burger
19. Have the mother-in-law move in
20. Quit their job
21. Sell the car
22. Give up the internet
23. Break up with their partner
24. Stop seeing their best friend
25. Stop seeing their family.