Rack Of Lamb

Herb Crusted Rack Of Lamb
The Best Time of Year For Lamb

It  is referred to as Spring Lamb, and is at its most Tender and pinkest.
A Rack of Lamb or carré d’agneau is a cut of lamb cut perpendicularly to the spine, and including 16 ribs or chops. At retail, it is usually sold ‘single’ (sawn longitudinally and including the 8 ribs on one side only), but may also be sold as a “double rack of lamb”, with the ribs on both sides. Alternatively two French trimmed racks may be placed together with the ribs interlinked, when configured this way it is often known as a ‘Guard of Honour’

Rack of lamb is usually roasted, sometimes first coated with an herbed breadcrumb persillade.
The tips of the bones are sometimes decorated with paper frills called manchettes

The Dorset Lamb is produced from one supplier in Bicknacre in Essex. The Dorset, is a unique lamb as it can breed all year round, this gives our supplier the opportunity to supply London with the first New season Lamb from the beginning of March onwards. Dorset Down Sheep are justly known as “king of the prime lamb breed”. One of the oldest breeds of native sheep, Dorset Down Sheep have a prestigious history as well as a successful future in the British farming landscape. The Dorset Down is renowned for producing early maturing lambs from grass, making them ideal for organic, and other extensive farming systems. The Dorset Down Ram is also proven as the ideal Terminal Sire to virtually any other breed of sheep making it the ideal solution for modern, commercial flocks

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